Hotel & Hospitality Jobs - What's Required?

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What type of education is required for the Hotel & Hospitality industry?

Hotel & Hospitality Jobs - What's Required?

Hotel and hospitality jobs include hotel manager, restaurant manager, and travel agent.

Companies hiring hotel and restaurant managers will appreciate a business or management degree, especially in larger or international chains. However, management experience, knowledge of the hotel and hospitality industry, and a non-degree certification in Hospitality or Food and Beverage Management are often sufficient to obtain your first hotel and hospitality job.

Travel agents book airline and hotel reservations, recommend and set up tour packages, advise travelers of weather challenges, and even assist with passport arrangements for travelers leaving the country. Success in this field requires strong customer service skills, organizational skills, and an interest in what the world has to offer the traveler. Some colleges and universities offer Hospitality, Travel and Tourism majors, but many successful agents have attributed their skills to shorter non-degreed programs lasting six months or less.



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Erica Lloyd said:

Well considering the information at hand it's a little shady. The information provided is kinda like duh. Why not give tips for those who don't have the degree to get a job or the experience to obtain the job and where to do so. Other then that why not offer information on how to get into a program or classes such as higher education come on don'nt take the easy way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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