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What are the fastest job growth areas in New York?

New York Job Trends

Here are the 10 fastest growing careers in New York:

*Medical Assistants
*Network Systems and Data Communications *Analysts
*Physician Assistants
*Gaming Change Persons and Booth Cashiers
*Physical Therapist Aides
*Medical Records and Health Information *Technician
*Hazardous Materials Removal Workers
*Physical Therapist Assistants
*Gaming Dealers
*Personal and Home Care Aides

What area of Texas has a good job market?

Houston, We Have NO Problem

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States, and boasts a thriving economy. Houston offers pro sports teams, the arts, outdoor entertainment, state-of-the-art teaching/research hospitals and universities, and a NASA space center. It has recently seen an influx of “snowbirds,” those originally from north of the Mason-Dixon Line, due to the job growth in the business, science, medicine, and entertainment fields. Perform a Houston Texas job search online, and you will see an abundance of job opportunities, as well as training and educational opportunities that lead to solid careers. If the Lone Star State is your destination, or current location, try Houston, Texas; job search no further.

What are my local job search resources?

Local Job Search

Narrow down your job search by choosing the advanced search option when searching an online job bank. The advanced search allows you to search jobs by specific industries, salaries, required work experience and distance from your home.

Where are jobs in Travel and Tourism located?

Keep Warm, Work in Florida

If you search jobs in Florida, you will find a great deal of openings in the Travel and Tourism industry. Statistically, Florida is the number one travel destination in the world. In fact, the economic impact of travel and tourism on Florida is estimated to be $57 Billion.

If this is your desired or chosen profession, you will find ample opportunity to work in Florida. Jobs in this area are not just concentrated in Orlando, although there are many there. There is a need for Travel and Tourism personnel from Jacksonville, which has a growing tourist trade thanks to a revitalized waterfront, all the way to the Keys.

Why are so many people relocating south?

The South Is Rising Again

The economies of some of the southern states are doing quite well. There is extensive work in Travel and Tourism, Customer Service, Retail, Education, and Health Care in the southern regions. As more people move to a new area, there is a greater need for retail outlets, schools, and medical care and therefore, many job opportunities present themselves. If you survey vacancies in Texas jobs, Florida jobs, or jobs in California, you will see these three states have many opportunities in the career areas mentioned above.

Are there other local resources besides the want ads?

Act Locally

Tune in to your local radio and television stations for leads in your local job search. Not only do they broadcast economic and market trends, but they also sometimes broadcast the job leads themselves either during newscasts or during local programming.

Isn't New York City the only part of New York where a person with a financial background can find work?

A West Side Story

The employment landscape is changing in some areas of New York. In the western region of New York jobs were at one time industrial-based. Buffalo had steel mills, automobile manufacturers, and grain and millworks as the prime economic forces. Western New York jobs are now found more in the service and banking industries, as this area grows into a banking hub. There are good career opportunities in the service, banking and financial industries in this area, and below average housing costs make it an affordable place to live and work.

How can I find a job in another state?

The World at Your Feet

The Internet make it easy to search for jobs in far away places without leaving your home. Search through national job banks or the labor department Web pages of other states. If you are in California, you can search jobs in New York; conversely, if you live in New York you can search for California jobs.

Online job banks also have tools that help you to research more about the area you will be relocating to including cost of living calculators.

What about job fairs?

Attend a Job Fair

In many cities job fairs sponsored by local businesses take place every few months. At job fairs, you can meet local employers, ask questions, submit applications or resumes, and get on-the-spot interviews. Some local job fairs will host employers from regional, state, or national businesses as well.

Check your local newspapers, labor departments, and online job banks for listings of job fair dates and locations.

What are the best job areas in California?

California Job Trends

Thinking of relocating to California? It's a good idea to check the job market for trends that you can take advantage of. For California jobs, the current high-growth, high-pay industries are:

* Construction Careers
* Health Care Careers
* Manufacturing Careers
* Biotechnology Jobs

Are there different ways of finding work in different areas of the country?

The Basics

It doesn't matter whether your job search has you search jobs in New York, California, or somewhere in the middle. The rules for making a good impression are universal. Follow these basic steps to make sure you are always putting your best foot forward:

1. Have a solid, targeted resume.
2. Create a dynamic, targeted cover letter.
3. Research the job, field, and company you want to work for.
4. Present a professional image and demeanor at all times for any type of employment.
5. Be persistent.

How can I compare employment markets in different states?

State Job Comparisons

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has developed the Location Quotient Calculator to help you compare employment statistics between states and against national and regional averages. You can search jobs in New York and compare those statistics to California jobs, or you can do a local job search, and compare those statistics to regional, state or national demographics.

This can help in planning career moves to other locations. Look for it on the BLS Web site.

Should I just choose whatever career appeals to me?

Make a Plan

Consider the local and national job markets for the careers in which you are interested. What is the projected need of this job when you finish your training or degree? What is the salary outlook, and is that acceptable to you? Are there local jobs in this field? If not, where are jobs in this field located?

Are there job opportunities in Florida for someone who doesn't work in Travel and Tourism?

Building Florida

Because it seems that the landscape is constantly changing, Florida jobs in the areas of landscaping, construction, homebuilding, urban developement, and project management/construction management are available to qualified candidates. Skilled and unskilled labor alike are needed in many areas of Florida.

Recently, in South Florida, jobs in financial services related to real estate and the construction boom have increased to include thousands new openings.

How can I find jobs in California?

California Job Search

California offers a wide variety of job opportunities for those who are hoping to relocate to a warmer climate. Investigate California jobs by searching online and researching West Coast companies.

Plan a trip to California and let prospective employers know you're coming. Ask for an informational interview to get your foot in the door.

How can I locate jobs in New York?

Searching for Jobs in New York

The New York job scene provides endless opportunities, but it takes a hard-core job seeker to get in the door.

Be specific when you search jobs in New York online. Target particular companies that you are interested in. If you can narrow your job search to a particular department within that company, you're even better off. Even if there are no jobs posted for your dream position, contact the company and ask to set up an interview. You could be just the person they were looking for.

What career advantage is there to learning Spanish?

The Latin Beat

Due to an ever-increasing Latin population in the United States, many employers are seeking employees who are English/Spanish bi-lingual. Particularly if you search jobs in Texas, jobs in Florida, or jobs in California, you will see the need for bi-lingual workers. Frequently, positions needing bilingual employees will pay a higher wage. Students entering high school and college now, who are required to take a language elective, could find it advantageous to study a foreign language.

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