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Why would an employer post a job online?

Online Job Posting

Many employers are now finding it more convenient, less expensive, and more effective, to post a job opening online. This trend is also beneficial to the job seeker.

Make online job boards one part of your overall job search strategy. Although studies repeatedly show that they are not the most effective means of finding a job, they can be a good starting point. By looking through the online job postings, you can gain access to a wider variety of jobs than you might have considered otherwise.

Isn't "sales" just glorified lying?

Turn Your Everyday "Sales" Into a Career

Good sales are made when a salesperson demonstrates, and then fills, a need. If you want to help people, you may want to look into a career in sales. Begin your search for sales jobs with an online job bank. This can give you an idea of the wide range of sales jobs available.

Many companies will pay for additional education or licensing for their sales personnel. Books, class tuition and study materials are often paid for by the company as an investment in your future. Be sure to look into this when you are considering joining a company.

What profession is most in need of workers today?

Allied Health Shortages

With the baby boom generation getting older, there is a national shortage of workers in the allied health field, especially in nursing, geriatric care, and pharmacy. If you have an interest in this area, or are currently skilled in this area, you can work virtually anywhere in the United States that appeals to you.

As an illustration, pick an area of the country - say California - and type in to your favorite job board something like "search jobs in California". Compare the number of general postings in California to the number of postings for RN, LVN, CNA, Pharmacist, or Dietician.

What is a tech job?

Technically Speaking

Technology professionals often have extensive training in electronics, science, math and engineering. A great "techie" will also have a strong creative sense and an ability to communicate complicated concepts.

Computer Programmers, System Administrators, Microsoft Certified Solution Experts (MCSE), and Help Desk Administrators are examples of in-demand tech jobs in the computer industry.

What types of finance jobs are available?

The Financial Job Market

Financial professionals are in high demand regardless of the state of the economy. If you are interested a finance job such as banking, insurance, financial planning, or securities and commodities trading, discover what schooling is required. Look into whether on-the-job training is generally expected and if you are typically paid during your training period. Check out any seminars or evening classes about the finance jobs you are interested in before you make a big commitment.

What type of education is required for the Hotel & Hospitality industry?

Hotel & Hospitality Jobs - What's Required?

Hotel and hospitality jobs include hotel manager, restaurant manager, and travel agent.

Companies hiring hotel and restaurant managers will appreciate a business or management degree, especially in larger or international chains. However, management experience, knowledge of the hotel and hospitality industry, and a non-degree certification in Hospitality or Food and Beverage Management are often sufficient to obtain your first hotel and hospitality job.

Travel agents book airline and hotel reservations, recommend and set up tour packages, advise travelers of weather challenges, and even assist with passport arrangements for travelers leaving the country. Success in this field requires strong customer service skills, organizational skills, and an interest in what the world has to offer the traveler. Some colleges and universities offer Hospitality, Travel and Tourism majors, but many successful agents have attributed their skills to shorter non-degreed programs lasting six months or less.

Should I pursue a career in tech support?

The Tech Job Outlook

The outlook for tech jobs is good. As the US continues to move away from manufacturing and toward technology, the need for IT experts remains strong.

Many companies maintain their own in-house tech support team, or help desk, while other companies out-source this work. In either case, trained tech support personnel are in high demand and will continue to be so.

What do I need to do to land an automotive job?

Changes in the Automotive Industry

Recent pressures on the automotive industry require that those seeking automotive jobs be outstanding in every way. Current U.S. automotive jobs demand technological expertise, an innovative mind and a high level of adaptability. Demonstrate these traits in your resume, cover letter and interview to be a strong candidate for a job in the automotive industry.

What career information resources are available through the federal government?

Federal Resources

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor, has a Web site that is a valuable tool for job seekers. Found at, this Web site contains information about national, state and local employment projections, job openings, wages and benefits, and health and safety issues to name just a few. This is also an excellent tool to assist people with career changes information as entire industries can be researched quickly. Macro and micro searches can be conducted - the job seeker can look at national statistics for a career, narrow that to search jobs in Texas, and then narrow even further to do a Houston, Texas job search. This Web site also has a link to the online version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, is a nationally recognized source of career information, put out every two years by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Aren't all the IT jobs moving overseas?

Still the One

Recent information shows that technology jobs are not moving overseas as quickly or in as large numbers as thought. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures estimate that new tech jobs are being created in the United States as fast as or faster than jobs being shipped overseas. Figures show that information technology jobs are increasing annually at a 3% rate, while only 2-3% are being sent overseas.

You can find information technology companies all over the country, but there are larger concentrations of jobs in California, and you will also find technology job opportunities if you conduct a Houston Texas job search, as Houston is a large technology center.

Are there still jobs in the cattle industry?

Head 'em Up, Move 'em Out

The cattle and beef industry is alive in well in parts in the United States, and also represents a large part of the economy of the states where it thrives. In some states, like Texas, jobs in the cattle industry are projected to increase, according to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. There are currently over 32.000 jobs in the cattle industry nationwide, and Texas is a large part of this industry.

Why would I want to work in a restaurant?

The Potential of Restaurant Jobs

With dining out becoming increasingly popular, restaurant jobs offer a growing variety of opportunities for job seekers. Restaurant jobs range from dishwashers and fast food servers to chefs and $100K per year waiters. The potential for movement and advancement in this field is also tremendous.

If you are interested in a career in the restaurant industry, check the job boards for restaurant jobs or look into chef training.

What defines Human Resources jobs?

Human Resources Jobs

Human resources jobs require proficiency in a wide variety of tasks including selecting, training, and negotiating salary and benefits with potential company employees. Human Resources professionals may also handle personal employee issues like sexual harrassment, theft, discrimination and employee/employer ethics training.

Why would I want to work retail?

The Retail Job Market

Retail jobs run the gamut from entry-level sales clerk to globe-trotting fashion buyer. Managers at multiple levels and wholesalers are also included in the retail job chain. Each of these positions can be rewarding for people with a variety of interests and skills. Most retail jobs require a sense of what people want and a desire to help them find it.

Where can I find clerical jobs

Finding a Good Clerical Job

Clerical jobs are among the fastest growing and most in-demand professions. To find a good clerical job, look to any business that you enjoy patronizing. It's likely that they employ people to help with their administrative organization. Among other businesses, clerical jobs can found that support accounting firms, banks, health providers, or retail stores.

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