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What should I say on the follow-up telephone call?

The Art of the Follow-Up Phone Call

Keep your follow-up phone call brief and focused by sticking to these objectives:

1. Re-introduce yourself and mention something you did or said on the interview to help the employer remember you.

2. Determine if the position you're applying for has been filled. If it has been filled, ask if there is another position available that fits your qualifications.

3. If the job is still open, let the employer know that you are still very interested in the job.

4. Briefly remind the employer how your skills and experiences make you an ideal candidate for the job.

5. Find out if there is anything else you can do to help you get the job while you are waiting to hear from them.

When should I send a follow-up letter?

Mail Time

Carry a thank you card with you to your interview so that you can fill it out and mail it as soon as you are finished talking to the potential employer. If you are writing a follow-up letter, do so as soon as you get home and mail it immediately. Because the mail typically takes 3-5 days to arrive, sending your follow-up correspondence promptly will ensure that it gets delivered in a timely manner.

How many times should I to call the employer back?

Assertive Marketing

Assertiveness is an attractive quality in an employee; aggressiveness is not. To avoid irritating a future employer with too much follow-up, adhere to these rules:

Make a follow-up call within 72 hours of your interview. If you aren't given a yes or no answer at that time, wait another week before you call again. If you don't receive a definitive answer at that time, ask when it would be appropriate for you to call back.

If the employer asks for a certain amount of time without phone calls, respect her wishes. Limit yourself to a polite thank you note.

Should my post-interview follow-up always be in letter form?

Thank You Cards

Hand write a brief thank you note on a generic card to follow up your interview. Avoid cutesy designs or unrelated humor. You can purchase an inexpensive package of generic thank you cards at any stationery or drug store.

What should the follow-up letter say?

What to Include in a Follow-up Letter

The follow-up letter should be a standard business letter with at least three paragraphs.

Introductory Paragraph: Thank the employer, re-introduce yourself, state when you were interviewed, and recall something that stood out in the interview.

Second Paragraph: Reiterate your key selling points and mention anything relevant that you forgot or missed during the interview.

Concluding Paragraph: Thank the employer again, offer to provide additional information if needed and tell them that you will call in a few days to find out if there is anything else you can do to get the job.

How do I know who to send the follow-up letter to?

Know Your Source

Remember your interviewer's name. If possible, get a business card or see the receptionist for correct spelling and job title. Address all follow-up correspondence to that person.

What is a "follow-up" in the career search arena?

Action-oriented Follow-up

Keep your name in front of a potential employer and show your enthusiasm for the open position by following up each interaction with a phone call or a note. Unless the employer requests that you don't, follow up after these interactions:

1. After sending in your resume and cover letter

2. After receiving a written confirmation of receipt for your cover letter and resume

3. After each of your interviews

When should I make that follow-up phone call?

When to Place the Follow-Up Call

Unless the employer requests no calls, make the follow-up call within 48 to 72 hours of the interview. This gives the employer time to conduct other interviews, but it is also unlikely that the employer has made any decisions yet. Remind the employer who you are and why you are the perfect person for their position.

Should I follow up after my interview?

Send a Thank You Note

A recent survey of US employers conducted by the online career service site found that the employers' biggest pet peeve was not receiving a "thank you" after an interview. If you want to make a good impression, and stand out above the crowd, send a follow-up thank you note after your interview.

What does a follow-up letter look like?

Format Your Thank You Letter

As with all correspondence with your potential employer, a follow-up letter should be formatted like any standard business letter. Make sure you include the date, heading, salutation, introductory paragraph, body, conclusion, and signature. Even if you feel you have started to form a relationship with your potential employer during the interview, it is best to keep your tone formal.

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