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What do I do about references?

Ask Permission

Call your former supervisors and ask permission before you list them as references on your job applications. By letting them know that they may receive a call about you, you are giving them time to remember your strengths. You'll also increase the chances that they will quickly return a missed call from your interviewer.

What are references for?

Maintain Relationships with Your Former Supervisors

Keep in contact with your former supervisors and employers so you'll be ready if a hiring authority asks you for a reference. By maintaining the relationship with your former supervisor, she will more easily be able to vouch for your abilities because she will remember you better.

Previous employer references give your candidacy credibility and assure the employer that he is making the right decision in hiring you.

Who do I ask to be a reference?

Who is A Reference?

Ideally, you should ask former supervisors who you have worked closely with to serve as references for you. You can also use someone who you have supervised as a reference. In some industries, professionals outside the immediate company can be included as references.

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