How to Avoid Burnout at Work

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How to Avoid Burnout at Work

Statistics by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics suggest a rise in the hours worked by the average American, and these extra hours could be one of the reasons so many workers are starting to experience workplace burnout.

Whether you work 70 hours a week at a law firm or 40 hours a week as a receptionist, the key to avoiding burnout at work is recognizing it before it happens and taking steps to change your life as soon as possible.

Recognizing Burnout is to Blame

If you've recently felt it more difficult to get out of bed each day, you could be on a track toward workplace burnout. Snapping at coworkers, loss of energy and sleeplessness could mean that the hours at your job are giving you a paycheck, but you're on a path toward health problems, stress, and exhaustion.

You might experience one of the following if you're burning out at work:

  • Unexplained headaches or muscle pain

  • Loss or change in appetite

  • General irritability

  • Overall disillusion with job and life

Handling Job Burnout

Don't wait until anger at work gets you fired or your job stress starts negatively impacting your home life. Take action quickly if you feel your life starting to get out of control.

Stress impacts each one of us differently, but you may find a solution from one of these options:

1. Identify your "stressors" and make changes

2. Rediscover your passions for work, life, and hobbies

3. Start an exercise program

4. Consider job or life changes

If you've already started to feel the harmful physical effects of job burnout, consider speaking with a medical professional to talk about an exercise plan, mental health assistance, or help in changing your lifestyle and job. Alternatively, speak with your boss about changes you might be able to make to reduce stress and anxiety over your job.



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