How to be an Effective Manager

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How to be an Effective Manager

Management is a tricky thing and most people don’t realize it. When we start off at a company, many of us see ourselves in the big chair one day.

However, there are several things you must consider when learning to become a good manager. Here are some key points to focus on:

Leaders Lead

Everyone needs someone to look toward to figure out how to behave. Employees come into a business looking for someone to model themselves after - someone to emulate. Their manger is the logical place to start. If you want people to work hard for you and put in their best effort every time, you have to give them a reason to want to. Show them that you are also working hard. Be forthcoming with projects that you are working on, as long as the material is not on a need to know basis. Have an open door policy so that people regard you as approachable.

Keep Learning

Provide training opportunities for your team and participate in them as well. Be active – take notes, show an interest in the material. Your team is always watching. If they see you actively engaging, they are more inclined to take an active role in learning the material as well.

Be Fair But Firm

Disputes will happen, but it is the way that a leader handles them that sets them apart from the rest. A manager who is able to listen to both sides of the story, do whatever research is necessary to fill in the blanks, and make an informed decision will be respected far more than a manager who acts off emotion. Be diligent and fair with your employees and watch your credibility rise.

Management is not as easy as movies would have you think. But with a dedicated, focused approach to creating a congenial work environment, management can be invigorating and rewarding.



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