How to Ask for a Promotion at Work

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How to Ask for a Promotion at Work

Outside of the initial job interview there are few situations as awkward as asking for a job promotion. While you may know that you deserve the promotion, the idea that you have to ask for it makes the situation uncomfortable. So what is the best way to ask for a promotion at work?

If you want to ask for a promotion at work the first thing you need to understand is the reality of the situation. If your job is experiencing constant cutbacks, employee firings, and other signs of budget restrictions then there may not be a promotion in the near future. Possessing this knowledge is a way to ready yourself in case you do not get the answer that you want.

If budget restrictions are not an issue, then you need to be able to articulate why you deserve a promotion. Pull together all of the data and references you can that will make it easier for your boss to green-light a higher wage/ better title for you. Have you been routinely blowing your quota out of the water? Does management love you? Do customers and clients constantly request you? This kind of information can be used to great effect when searching for that desired promotion.

The last thing that you should look out for is the right opportunity to ask for your promotion. Grabbing your boss during the middle of rush hour is a quick way to have your request denied. However, if you approach that same boss during a quiet spell in the day you might find him/her more receptive. Be aware of moods and attitudes as well. A promotion shouldn't come down to somebody's temper, so choose your time wisely.



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