How to Ask For That Raise at Work

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How to Ask For That Raise at Work

When working for someone else, you want to provide excellent quality work but, in return, you want to receive a type of pay commensurate with your effort, right? Far too often workers are afraid to ask for a pay raise even in situations where they clearly deserve it. So let's take a look at a few ways to ask for that raise and improve the relationship you share with your boss!

The first thing you need to do before asking for your raise is to asses what a fair number is and if you really deserve it. I know all of us feel like we deserve a raise, but sometimes it is just our frustration with work that makes us want to ask. Have you been increasing your numbers lately? Has the quality of your work risen dramatically? Have you gotten great references from customers or clients? If any of these things are true then you should compile a list and find out what you think an appropriate number is for an increase in pay. Look back to any prior raises to find a pattern. If your first raise was for a $1 then ask for another $1.

The second thing you need to do is approach your boss in a confident and polite manner. Raises aren't usually given after a single conversation because there needs to be paperwork, financial assessments, and often times clearance from a higher level. So pull your boss aside at an opportune time and then pitch all of the information that supports your requested raise. By being polite, firm, and confident you will be able to control the conversation and likely get your requested raise!



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