How to Get an Internship

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How to Get an Internship

How can you solidify yourself in your career path before you even graduate with your degree? Landing an internship can be the key to professional success. Let's take a look at how to get one!

1. Call businesses in your field of education

Let's say that you are going to be graduating from college with your accounting degree within the next year or so. Now is the time to start cold-calling all of the businesses in your area. Offer yourself as a summer intern to enough places and, eventually, you will find work. Make sure the company is reputable and you could have the inside track on a paid position upon graduation.

2. Explore all school-internship programs

Many schools offer internship programs to students in certain degree programs. When you are searching for the first step of your career path it is important not to leave any stone unturned. Talk to a counselor or a trusted professor in your degree program. Find out if they have any internship placement programs available.

3. Have your resume polished and your interview skills sharp!

Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity, especially when it's due to poor interview skills. A potential intern that gives a great interview, along with a well-formatted resume, is hard to turn down!



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