Like a Tailored Suit

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Why can't I just take my disk to a printer and get a couple hundred copies all at once?

Like a Tailored Suit

Your resume should be tailored to the various different employers with whom you are applying. With the proliferation and ease of use of computers and word processing, adjusting your resume to fit the company is fairly easy.

Put yourself in the employer's shoes. If you were scanning a stack of resumes – maybe two or three hundred – what would catch your eye? Would you give a second look to a resume that was generic and could be applicable to many jobs, or would you take notice of that resume that describes work skills and experience that fit exactly into the position you are trying to fill?

Tailor your resume to the company, job, and field so that the employer finds what he is looking for with minimal effort and you increase manifold your chances of being asked to interview.



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